3 Writing Services That Are Not Worth Your Money

The risks that a huge market of writing services poses are well known; between subpar products and complete scams that happen quite commonly, students have more than enough reasons to desire a reliable source of information before deciding on a service. After all, their time, finances and academic performance can suffer greatly from a wrong move.

This is where RatedByStudents.com comes to provide invaluable help. Our vast experience on the market comes as the result of countless reviews of all types of providers. A team of academic experts comes to tell you exactly what to look for in order to get the best value for your money. It is important that you have access to an unbiased description of a company’s performance in reality, as promises will always say what you want to hear. Our evaluations will always be honest, as it is our moral obligation to the people that make our existence possible. Students come to our website expecting trustworthy opinions, and that is exactly what we deliver. Today we will look at 3 services that fail to live up to their promises.

1. ThePensters
While not a fraud or scam, thepensters.com is a sure way of throwing your money away. Customer reviews were pretty one-sided in their reception of the website, pointing towards the same flaws that we witnessed throughout our paper as well. But, as always, we decided that any company deserves the chance to show its best in practice, so we proceeded to place an order on an accessible topic.

Needless to say, even this proved to be a real difficulty for the company, as the quality of the paper received was so poor that we could hardly believe it. Grammatical mistakes were to be found in every paragraph, pointing towards a writer with limited experience when it comes to the English language. Prices are unclear, as the company needs to see your conditions before giving a quote. Our basic essay cost no less than 19$ per page, more than twice than the $9 advertised as a starting point. We fail to see how it added up to that amount, as customer service proved to be of no help during our interactions – answers were evasive and generic. As if it wasn’t enough for an awful experience, the company also has no real discounts: we did not receive any promo code as new customers, and periodic coupon codes seem to be missing as well.

2. EssayAcademia
Equally terrible in its writing comes the research paper ordered from Essayacademia. While we could forgive a few mishaps in terms of grammar and word usage, the text we had in front of our eyes was a complete disaster in that department. Not only that but the thoughts expressed were highly incoherent, and many segments seemed to have no other purpose than to fill pages. Customer service was very ineffective, as the process of explaining our issues and demanding revisions was a chore where we had to point out even the most obvious writing mistakes. All this came at a ridiculous price $20+ per page; more than double the average price on the market.

3. EssayLand
Testimonials may have you form another impression, but the papers found here are well below what you would expect for the college level. Our research paper displayed simplistic writing, elementary resources and very basic ideas on the topic chosen. It definitely left us with the impression of a low-effort work done by a high schooler. Customer service was unable to bring any improvement, as any problems besides clear spelling or grammatical errors were dismissed. Prices were also quite high, starting at $19.99, leaving us with no other choice than to give a poor rating in our review.

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