37 fun and useful gifts for your coworkers under $50, from herb garden kits to coffee-related treats

A three-month subscription of freshly roasted whole bean, single-origin coffees If they’re practically tethered to the coffee pot, they’ll probably love the thoughtfulness of a three-month subscription to this cool Brooklyn startup’s beans. Driftaway sends freshly roasted, whole bean, single-origin coffees from around the world to their doorstep. If your team includes a bookworm, they’ll […]

What Is Freelance Writing (And How Do I Become a Freelance Writer)?

36 Beginner-Friendly Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs (2022) 1. Create a Writing Portfolio That Kicks Butt Further Reading: How to Create a Writing Portfolio That’ll Wow Potential Clients walks you through everything you need to craft an online portfolio of your work, from portfolio sites like Contently to using your own blog. It also […]

Delivering sustainability through supply contracts

Companies that buy houses for cash can help you sell your home quickly and without any hassle — they make near-instant offers and can close on your timeline. But there’s a big downside: you won’t get full price for your home. Buyer Job Description Examples Example 1 Summary Purchases materials, supplies, and services to maintain […]

The Essential Guide to Writing SMART Goals

When attempt­ing to max­imise pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, improve per­for­mance and deliv­er busi­ness val­ue, the place to start is get­ting your employ­ees to set clear SMART objec­tives. Objec­tives serve as a way to keep employ­ees on course and work­ing toward an over­ar­ch­ing com­pa­ny goal. They pro­vide focus, direc­tion, set expec­ta­tions and also pro­vide moti­va­tion for your work­force. Employ­ees […]

How To Write A Product Review That Sells Without Making Your Site Look Cheesy (Template & Examples You Can Follow)

Her books are about what to feed children in daycare. She had a sales page that described what the books were about — healthful, easy-to-make recipes, together with a shopping list for each one. If you want your recipes to get found in Google, make sure you are using proper recipe schema. The Summary Box […]