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I was on a lookout for my next writing service website since I haven’t used one for a while. I needed a paper done fast, so I decided to search for potential candidates online when I happened to find Dissertation capital. I decided to dig a bit deeper since their landing page looked promising enough and stated that they are operating since 2004. What struck me as odd with is that their copyright hasn’t been renewed since 2010. Does this mean that they haven’t updated anything since then?

Quality of service

While their website says that they employ accredited and certified writers, I was kind of suspicious of this information. I’ve been using online writing services a few times before, and never have I heard of writing certificates. The good thing is that offers free samples, so I though “Why not?” and submitted my topic for review.

What I got in return was quite simply awful. The one page document was a disjointed mess full of errors and unreadable sentences. I was shocked to receive something like that from a “professional writing service”. Imagine if I submitted my actual paper and received something like this; with a price tag to boot!

Customer support

I decided to contact customer support in order to get some answers about their writers and services. I kind of expected them to answer their live chat, since it advertises 24/7 support, but after several attempts, I just decided to leave a message. I’m still waiting for an answer to that message, since no one ever replied. This was further proof I shouldn’t trust my paper with Why wouldn’t they want to answer their customer support line? It’s the reason why the line exists in the first place, to support future and existing customers!


There is no clear pricing model available on the website apart from a price calculator. You simply enter information about your paper and receive a clear price per page. I found this to be odd simply because I’m used to seeing clear prices of every kind of service on these services. apparently offers 10% discounts on every purchase and the discount is deeper depending on the number of pages you need, going up to 21%. While this was okay, why would you have “constant” 10% discount? Is it just a trick to make people feel safer?


While the welcome page on offers pretty clear and inviting information, the deeper I went into their website, the more concerned I was with my paper. It just didn’t seem trustworthy enough for me to submit my paper and pay them actual money; especially after that terrible “free draft” I received. I’d say that you are better off looking for a different writing service since clearly doesn’t put much effort into its public image.

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